How We Work

We take our mantra “good thinking” seriously – and literally.
We‘re driven and guided by our values: honesty, creativity, and thoughtfulness. They permeate our work and our relationships with clients, vendors, partners, and each other.

Before we act, we ask lots of questions about our client’s environment, audiences, and competitors. We want to know why they’ve done what they’ve done and why they want what they want. We find out what they have to say and who they want to say it to. We ask about aspirations.

We then quickly analyze situations and define objectives… and just as quickly develop thoughtful and realistic plans that reach clear, measurable goals.

And when it’s time to do the work, we do it – without a lot of unnecessary talk, hidden charges, or self-serving accolades.

Sure, we’ve won lots of local and national awards for our work over the past 20 years, but what matters most to our clients – and therefore, to us – is what they’ve won: industry respect, customer and client recognition, and results.

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